An Inspiring Destination: YOUR Back Yard

invest in yout backyardSpring seems to have missed her cue…once again…however the end of March has arrived.  For those of us in the green industry, that means it’s time to grease up the equipment, thaw out the mulch pile and hire those last few crew members.   All winter we have been busy designing, budgeting, planning, and catching up on industry trends.  Now it’s time to put our fresh ideas to work, creating an inspiring destination for you and your family which reflects your taste and style.

Why Invest in the Back Yard?

Are you developing a rash while watching that snow covered back yard turn from white to a mushy brown?  If the number of phone calls and emails that we’ve been getting are any indication, you are not alone.  This winter Mr. Picture Perfect and I have had the opportunity to learn from a number of landscape and home renovation industry experts including Carson Arthur of HGTV.  Mr. Arthur is one of my new best friends, simply for sharing the news that outdoor renovations have actually surpassed kitchen and bathroom renos as the number one way to add value to your home.  A new patio, for example, can increase your home’s perceived value by up to 12% according to the Gallup organization.It’s no surprise, really.  Surveys have been done, brains have been picked and the results are in:  Today’s working families often don’t have the time or money to invest in a cottage property or a Versailles-style garden.  They (ok…WE) are tied to our smartphones and finding time and space to catch our breath is no easy task.  Many of these people are wisely choosing to invest in their own property, creating a back yard oasis which allows the whole family to unwind together without the time and expense of travelling to the cottage or taking a costly vacation.  It also doesn’t hurt that a well designed landscape improves your home’s value, making it a wise investment.

What Inspires You?

moodboardWith the options that are out there for luxurious outdoor living, it’s no wonder folks are making the back yard their destination of choice.  From fire places to outdoor kitchens to furniture you can sink into, water features, patio heating, weather-proof televisions and speakers…Living outside has become almost as comfortable as living inside!  What has inspired you this winter?  A quick cruise through will reveal that even home design trends are embracing the outdoors by including larger windows, covered patios, and when back yard living isn’t an option, generous balconies.  Paving stone manufacturers are on-trend as well, offering luxurious ‘flooring’ options for your outdoor living room.  Unilock’s Enduracolour paving products are a personal favourite and happen to be featured in our display at the Quinte Home and Lifestyles Show this weekend.

Let’s Create Your Destination

So while Spring may be showing signs of stage fright this March, Picture Perfect Landscaping is on full display this weekend at the Quinte Home and Lifestyles Show in Belleville.  Come and check out our space, inspired by a French cafe.  Pull up a cushion and enjoy an espresso or two with Mr. Picture Perfect and me!

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